Indulge Yourself - As a gift, or for your own guilty pleasures. You’re Worth It!

Whether you are visiting Grand Lake on vacation, or you’re a local, we invite you to splurge a bit and treat yourself (or someone special) to an extravagance that’s soothing, relaxing and healthy. The Stalk Marketoffers several lines of premium bath and body products that are unequaled.


LoLLIA is created by designer Margot Elena, an innovator of luxurious formulas and signature packaging for over a decade. Margot envisioned LoLLIA products to feel sweetly familiar and delightfully luxurious.

The LoLLIA line includes botanically lush cremes, lotions, buttle baths and oils with rich ingredients. Blends of such soothing extracts as macadamia nut and avocado oils, lavender and bee blossom honey. Beneficial hydrating extracts of aloe & shea butter lightly moisturize. All products are formulated to absorb quickly and leave skin deliciously fresh.

Also available are parfums, candles, shower gels, bath salts, soap and dusting powder. All designed with the passion deserved of a luxury bath brand.


I’ve fallen in love with The Stalk Market’s line of skin products. The Deep Therapy Hand Creme is a favorite and I am so happy with the Facial Toners that I won’t use any other brand. We have a cabin in Grand Lake, and whenever we’re in town I stop by and pick up my favorites. Thanks for the friendly service and for becoming another special destination in our wonderful town!

- Joan M., Franktown, CO


Created by internationally renowned perfumer and designer Margot Elena, TokyoMilk combines elegant design with unexpected essences, crushed and distilled for a remarkably uncommon sensory experience. All of TokyoMilk’s irresistibly daring, handcrafted fragrances and formulas are packaged in edgy yet evocative signature bottles, each one a work of art.

The triple milled shea butter soaps are too beautiful to open and too luxurious not to! They are hand embellished and vintage pressed, boasting exquisite imagery. Botanicals, Curiosities, and waltzing couples all enjoy equally lovely glittered wraps. Each soap is delicately fragranced leaving the skin soft and lightly scented.

The brand’s latest line of provocative parfums, TokyoMilk Dark, takes on a new depth of allure, featuring the edgy scents Arsenic, Bulletproof, and La Vie La Mort.



All of our essential oils are focused on the principle of purity. During inhalation of a pure essential oil, you are inhaling the very consciousness of the plant. The intelligence, or rather the energetic vibration of the plant unites with the intelligence within each of us.

It is through this energetic unification that healing takes place. It is understood that when essential oils are altered by artificial means, the precious heart of those oils are forever changed. For this reason, we will never carry altered essential oils.


We have a large selection of organic products. Please ask for assistance when you visit and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.